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Why You Need An Opinion From Someone Who Won't Make Money From The Trees Removal.
No Conflict of Interest ... No Unnessary Tree Removal.
Tree and Horticultural Management Services has been providing quality service with an emphasis on being different. We are focused on serving the best interest of our clients and not on making a sale.  We strive to provide you with professional, courteous, and friendly tree service in the Birmingham, AL area. 

People are worried about  trees falling on their home, property, or themselves.

While trees do fail (fall) and there is no guarantee that any tree won't fail; we live every day of our lives with risk. You have a far greater risk of injury driving to the grocery store than a tree falling on your home. Trees provide so many benefits that unless you have a hazardous tree it should be allowed to live and provide those benefits for you and future generations.

How would I know if my tree is hazardous? 

A Certified arborist can come out to elvaluate your tree for tree defects and hazardous conditions. After evaluating your tree; many concerns are addressed and often eliminated. Clients usually feel much better after a tree evaluation. 

If a tree defect is discovered; a recommendation is made to mitigate the tree defect without having to remove the tree. A hazardous tree is a tree or tree part that is likely to cause harm to person or property. If the tree part can be mitigated (each tree is unique) there is still a very good chance of saving the tree. 

In the case of a recommendation of removal the client has the peace of mind knowing there is no conflict of interest since this Certified Arborist does not fell trees.  The best intrest of the client and their tree has been the main focus. A recommendation of 
(3) professional tree felling services that have the proper insurance will be provided to the client for their consideration.

By: David W. Boggan

This is all that remains of an 100+ year old oak tree that had to be removed due to internal decay- most not visible in picture.
A tree assessment provides needed information about the health and stability of your tree. We all can make wiser decisions by being better informed.
ISA Certified Arborist
Certified Arborist on Staff
David W. Boggan # SO-5270A
I Have a Tree That Has a Hollow Trunk; Should It Be Cut Down?

While every tree is unique and must be addressed individually. A Certified Arborist uses field studies collected world-wide about trees with trunk hollows and open cavities. These studies (Mattheck, C., K. Bethge, and P. W. West. 1994. Breakage of hollow tree stems. Trees - Structure and Function 9, no. 1 (November 1):  47-50. doi:10.1007/BF00197869) indicate that decay of 70% or greater are more prone to failure.

Many trees are unnessarily cut down because of a hollow trunk. 

The (2) most important aspects of hollows in trees is what percentage of live wood is surrounding the hollow and how large ( if any) the cavity opening.  If the trunk hollow has 30% or greater sound wood surrounding the decay (hollow) it is still stong. The sound wood percentage requirment of a tree with a open cavity is greater and varies depending on how large the cavity opening.

With this being stated; the short answer would be your tree absolutly should not be removed just because the trunk is hollow. The majority of trees can safely exist with a hollow trunk and cavity opening. 

There are additional factors that affect trees with hollow trunks and a certified arborist should be contacted for a tree assessment. The arborist will measure the tree, determine the percentage of sound wood, and inspect the tree for other tree risk symptoms. 

After this information is gathered; the certified arborist will explain your trees condition along with any additional recommendations for monitoring or mitigation. This assessment will give you a greater peace of mind about your trees condition. 

By: David W. Boggan
David W. Boggan - Certified Arborist Birmingham, AL
David W. Boggan - Veteran -Owner - Tree and Horticultural Management Services
Proud Veteran Owned Business Member!
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